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You know that time you got the most amazing news and everyone congratulated you and was happy for you… Or so you thought.

Rather you were aware or not someone wasn’t all that happy for you. This is what we call a hater. See haters are really secret admirers that don’t know how to express themselves (got that from Pastor). They don’t really hate you. They hate themselves for being less than their reflection of you. Regardless of who they hate (you or self) some people want you to go NOWHERE with them.

That’s why it’s so important to be weary of dream killers. Dream killers can be someone you barely know, rarely speak to, family member, parents, best friend, or even the person in your bed. I know you’re excited and want to share your GREAT NEWS with everyone on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – but DONT. Stop making yourself vulnerable to dream killers and dream snatchers.

You know someone is a dream killer because when you’re excited about something new in your life they will probably find every possible negative aspect. They rarely have anything good to say. Everyone doesn’t have to know what new car you have, the skyline condo you moved into, or the details or the new business you’re launching. Everything doesn’t have to be a live broadcast on the Internet or social media site.

The fact that your circle of influence has changed is not a coincidence… Everybody can NOT go where you’re going – regardless of how bad you want them to. Everyone can’t handle your DREAMS. To those people you must “Bless & Release” Some times we get so distracted by life and paying bills that we neglect our dreams.

I understand that you have to handle you business but don’t let “doing what you got to do” distract you and delay your dream or God given purpose. I thought you wanted to be a coach, artist, mentor, humanitarian, contractor, or entrepreneur?? I’m not saying quit your job but you haven’t even done step 1. 2. 3. Why are you still working a Job you hate AND have not even created a business plan, registered for training program, or went to a seminar on starting your non-profit. You fell off track huh? It’s cool I get it. Life got in the way. But when do you plan on LIVING??. By living I mean being happy with life and fulfilling dreams. That call center or retai job you’re working isn’t going anywhere. Dreaming is not enough. Action must occur. But you must OUT DREAM your haters! Look this post isn’t to insult you but rather to impress upon you the value in your dreams and dreaming big.

Dream bigger than your haters!!
When haters say: “You can’t open that restaurant here because its already too many competitors in the city”
You say: Great! Because I plan to be in every major city in the US so it’ll be good to see what I’m up against.

When haters say: You’re not experienced enough to apply for that position
You say: Girl I know right!! But I applied anyway and when they met me, they’ll knew I had the aptitude to the learn that role and created another position for me in the mean time.

When haters say: You never sit still. You’re always doing something.
You say: Really?! I didn’t think I was doing enough. I’m working hard now so my grandchildren don’t have to.

Realize that your DREAMS are so much BETTER than your “Right Now”. Dream BIGGER than your haters!!!

For all the SAINTS (and AINTS) this was inspired by: Genesis 37:3-20 (at least)

Choose Happiness. #SUKG

- Jada D.