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Since its conception, GrindMatch Apparel has been one of my greatest creations. I am forever grateful for the "old faithful" supporters that have been rocking with me since Day One and those that have joined the family along the way. Back in 2011 I found myself in need of motivation and became a sounding board for many of my post-recession peers. We entered a workforce that couldn't support us after being sold the "American Dream" and we really need inspiration. GrindMatch became this source of motivation for so many people including myself. I became a walking billboard, wearing phrases many people thought but didn't feel comfortable saying. The shirts gained popularity and GrindMatch was born. When I trademarked, Shut Up Keep Grinding®, that solidified the tone of my life and carved the direction of my path. Closing GrindMatch is bittersweet for me. I find comfort in knowing that I executed something, from my 1-bedroom apartment, that I was passionate about and that I truly believed in. It also means I can continue to make room for the things I'm called to do on a much larger scale. Never be afraid to end something that no longer serves you or when it has reached the end of its course. Never be afraid to change your mind - its ok if you try it and decide you no longer want to. Closing GrindMatch means I DID IT! I said I would do it and I did it. I executed. That matters to me. This is long overdue, but I finally got out of my own way and gained the courage to make room for what GOD has next for me. When I stopped making excuses, dope shit started happenin'. Stay tuned for what's next! 🖤 Jada D.

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